Imperial Measures Distilling

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Founded 2015, Gin 2015

Location: Adelaide SA

About the Distillery

Coworkers in a well known bar in Adelaide would chew the fat after work.  They talked shop; service, drinks, crazy humans, work and at times a load of rubbish, but eventually the topic of making gin dominated.  At some point, possibly merry with gin, they made the tough decision to produce Craft Gin and are overjoyed at the result.

The team consists of old soaks, barmen, bar flies and friends Chris Jones & David Danby. David is a career bartender and booze boffin. Has lived and worked in the Adelaide hospitality industry for years in venues such as Hains & Co, Botanic Bar, Mothervine and The Apothecary 1878. Spent a number of months working with John Lark from Kangaroo Island Spirts with his production team.

Chris Jones – Career Melbournian bartender and literary mind. Jones has worked in venues, theatres, bars and various red-light districts for decades. Moved to Adelaide a number of years ago after getting married and having his first child Heidi. Jones runs a small yet successful wine sales business as well has having his toe dipped in various local pies.

Chris Jones & David Danby are friends, colleagues and really just a couple of old soaks who have spent the better part of their lives either behind, in front or on top of bars. After working together for many years, they threw their hats into the ring as craft producers and are overjoyed at what Ounce Gin has become.


Base spirit is a neutral grape spirit. 300L stainless steel pot still. 24-hour maceration of botanicals in 1:1 water, ethanol mix. Botanicals distilled in liquid (London Dry Style). Rested at high proof, watered back to 45% ABV and rested for 2 weeks minimum.

Ounce Gin is produced and bottled in Adelaide, South Australia by Imperial Measures at Applewood Distillery from a union of carefully selected botanicals highlighted by orange, vanilla and cardamom invigorating a traditional base of juniper and coriander to yield a characterful dry gin.

Ounce took them about 18 months to perfect in some pretty painful and funny adventures, with inspiration coming from all manner of places.


Distillery Information

Imperial Measures Distilling
31 West Thebarton Road
Thebarton South Australia 5031

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