Ironbark Distillery

Founded 2013

Location: North Richmond NSW

“The Master Alchemist”

Ironbark Distillery is the realisation of a dream: to be part of the boutique distilling industry to provide a locally handcrafted gin using Australian ingredients. Like the character in the Banjo Paterson poem, the Ironbark folk have had a fair share of adversity on their journey. The distillery was flooded twice and there were constant delays through construction. However, unlike the poem, there was no retreating here.

In 2013 Greta and Reg Papps opened Ironbark Distillery. For quarter of a century Reg worked in industrial distilling. He decided to live the dream and to make his own spirits and to keep alive the ancient and revered craft of Master Alchemist. Greta uses her business skills which allows Reg to focus on their spirits. Greta searches for and procures the botanicals that go into Ironbark spirits. Then there is Benbodhi, who looks after Ironbark’s digital media; a creative genius who has been integral to the process since conception at a coffee shop. At times Ben has had the mammoth task of trying to decipher the thoughts and ideas that Reg dreams up and bring them to fruition.


Ironbark start with the traditional copper pot still, the type responsible for the finest whiskies, bourbons and rums due to flavour profiles that they produce. In fact, distillers have been known to replicate each dent in a still when replacing equipment in the belief that it all affects the flavour profile. A new generation of distillers are utilising fractionation columns to achieve a high purity spirit. Being of modular design it can be run in many configurations, depending on what flavour profile desired. Their still is the heart and soul of this small distillery. On the botanicals front, the priority is for the finest local ingredients in order to promote grains and flavours produced by Australian farms.


Distillery Information

Ironbark Distillery
4/37 William Street
North Richmond New South Wales 2754

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