Killara Distillery

Founded 2016, Gin 2016

Location: Goodwood TAS

“Generational History”

It is easy to imagine that modern craft distilling in Australia is a new phenomenon. While the current gin boom has raised the public profile, last year marked the 25th anniversary of the business that started it all: Lark Distillery. With the passing of generational years, comes generational milestones.  Killara is the first and only distillery in Australia to be owned and operated by a second-generation Australian distiller and the only to be owned and operated by a female.

Originally Kristy Booth-Lark wanted to be an air traffic controller, but the family business ended up being more to her taste. Kristy was the head distiller and General Manager at Lark Distillery, established by her parents Bill & Lyn Lark.  No longer family owned, having remained in the business and with twenty years under her belt, she has branched out on her own to start Killara.  A further milestone was establishing the Australian Women in Distilling Association to help other women to become part of the growing industry.

Kristy loves to drink a good gin and considers herself very fortunately to be able to hand craft, with love, care and attention to detail, a gin that is perfect for her, and hopefully others.  Killara donate a percentage of sales to Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge.


The usual juniper, coriander, lemon with a mix of extra citrus and Australian botanicals go in to make Killara’s gin. All the botanicals are individually distilled in a 600-litre copper pot still then married together. Kirsty sources the botanicals as local as possible and organic where available.


Distillery Information

Killara Distillery
40 Negara Crescent
Goodwood Tasmania 7010

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