Lawrenny Estate Distillery

Founded 2017, Gin 2017

Location: Ouse TAS

“The Lord Worked in Mysterious Ways”

It all started over 200 years ago in Hobart when Edward Lord, an army officer, married his recently pardoned, convict servant Maria Risley. Edward was ambitious and Maria a shrewd businesswoman. In 1810 Edward became the acting lieutenant-governor of Tasmania and took the opportunity to amass land grants. He established Lawrenny estate which grew to ~80,000 acres with ample livestock and abundant fields. The estate is now in the hands of new entrepreneurs and a new page in history is turned, significantly more ethical this time around.

In 1991 the Mace family took over the Lawrenny and have returned the estate to its former glory. They saw that nearly all the right factors in place to create a first-class distillery, but still needed a top distiller who could bring it all together. Although still young, Joe Dinsmoor was that man. Joe is one of Australia’s most experienced distillers who started working in Lark Distillery at the age of 16, learning his trade under the guidance of Bill Lark.

In 2014, Joe grasped an opportunity and became Head Distiller at Archie Rose in Sydney. A number of award-winning spirits later, he returning to Tasmania, swapping the big city life for the rural haven that is Lawrenny Estate. For Joe distilling is an amazing platform on which to tell a story and in the product itself there is the power to create more stories as it reaches people. treat it like something special and not just another liquid in a glass.”


The distillery has been constructed within an impressively restored Old Dutch Barn that sits on the banks of the upper river Derwent. A large element of any spirit is water, and the river provides the freshest and purist waters only 100m from the distillery door. Many of the botanicals are sourced from Lawrenny’s own orchard, including strawberries and almonds, as well as lime flowers that blossom as the distillery transitions from the harsh winter and blooms into spring.


Distillery Information

Lawrenny Estate Distillery
6485 Lyell Highway
Ouse Tasmania 7140

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