Mt Uncle Distillery

Founded 2001, Gin 2009

Location: Walkamin QLD

“The Bootleg Cubby House”

It’s not only a love of gin that runs as a common thread through gin distillers. Often there is a rural link, a love of nature or botany, a career in winemaking; in this case the career is Environment Science. This explains a great deal about the attraction of mixing botanicals as it gives an expression of their love. What is not that common, in this case, is someone who started distilling in their cubby house at age 16!

The founder and head distiller of Mt. Uncle is Mark Watkins. Mark is an Environmental Scientist who turned to wine science but then found his heart in distilling. With his passion for botany and a dream of making a gin wholy and souly based on Australian botanicals, well exept for the noble non-Australian juniper of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be gin. Hence the birth of a quintesentially Australian gin.


Mt. Uncle gin begins with a 36hr cold maceration with their own vodka base which is distilled from honey sourced from around the distillery. The steeped spirit is then filtered and strained before being distilled in Helga, their 1500L German, Arnold Holstien Still.


Distillery Information

Mt Uncle Distillery
1819 Chewko Road
Walkamin Queensland 4872
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