Mothers Day

6 gifts every mum will love this Mother’s Day

If your mum is more of a thrill-seeker than a slipper-wearer, and her idea of a perfect gift involves a splash of Aussie craft magic in her G&T, then you’ve come to the right place.
Introducing the Gintonica Mother’s Day Gift Guide, specially crafted for those mums who know their juniper from their jasmine. We’re talking about the ones who dream of the perfect gin glass and crave the ultimate G&T experience.So, gear up and check out our top picks below. With our hand-selected recommendations, you’re guaranteed to secure your spot as the “favourite child”
this Mother’s Day. Adventure awaits!

It’s All Mine! Gin, Chocolate & Wine

Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day to the luxurious and indulgent experience of craft gins from some of Australia’s best distilleries. 4 x 50ml Aussie craft gins are perfectly paired with chocolate creations served by local artisan chocolatiers, and partnered by a piccolo of Aussie Prosecco. All that special someone needs to sit back, relax & enjoy.

This pack is all about the Mums because we know they’re worth it!

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Gin & Go

Everything a gin lover needs: Fun canvas tote, cocktail keep cup and single serve G&T.  All you need for a day out with the girls after your morning pilates. 

*Note: Tote meme is ‘Life Happens, Gin Helps’ and Keep Cup meme is ‘Possibly Gin’

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Pink Ginspiration

Move over London Dry, Aussie craft pink gin is here with berries and even new native fruits – it’s all delightfully delicious. From cherries to lilly pilly’s, raspberries or hibiscus flowers, these Australian craft gins will really give you a selection to taste to find your favourite. Available in a 4 or 5 pack.

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The gin martini arguably symbolises the zenith of cocktail making. Enjoy your Martini, stirred or shaken, dry, wet or perfect, maybe dirty.  Whichever way you drink it, these martini glasses are elegant and the perfect vessel for your favourite. The gift set includes a 50ml bottle of Australian Craft Gin along with a 50 ml bottle of Australian Dry Vermouth.

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The ultimate secret indulgence? It is not “just” Gin.

Your chance to really impress mum with the gift that keeps on giving! This subscription gives her the chance to taste an amazing selection of Aussie Craft Gins. Each month she’ll get to find out what our brilliant Aussie Distillers are up to, and if you’re lucky, she might even share…

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G&T Fun or Cheeky Meme Glass Sets

The perfect G&T glasses for any fun loving G&T drinker. Take your G&T glassware to the next level with these two cheeky meme glass sets.

Fun Memes – It’s Gin O’Clock, and Let The Fun Be-Gin

Cheeky Memes – When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A G&T, and You’re The Gin to My Tonic

The glass sets feature two Spanish style glasses called “Copa de Balon”. Each glass is specially designed to not only hold loads of ice to keep your drink well chilled, but also enough room for garnishes or botanicals.

Collect all four meme glasses to make the ultimate glass set.

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So there you have it!

Our gift list selection to help you make mum’s day this Mother’s Day. And mum, if you are reading this, whisper ‘Gintonica’ to your partner or children in the lead up to your special day… and if that doesn’t work just send them the link to this page!