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Where did the Australian Craft Gin movement come from?  The booming Craft Gin market over the last five years started with the Australian Craft Whisky movement of the 1990’s and 2000’s. There are now over 80 Craft Gin Distilleries in Australia and it seems like a new couple each month.

There are London Dry Gins, Australian Botanical Gins, Old Tom Gins and so many more. But “a Gin by any other name will taste…..like Gin”. Right? Wrong! Gin could simply be described as vodka with plant flavours (botanicals) added, which must include juniper characteristics.

As mentioned, some Australian Craft Gins have London Dry Gin taste profiles. Those Gins mostly have the classic botanicals and they lead with strong juniper.  The Australian Craft Gin distillers who are producing London Dry Gin taste profiles might call their gins “Classic Dry”, or just “Dry” and they might