Animus Distillery – Ambrosian Gin

ABV : 50%

Bottle Size : 30ml,50ml,700ml

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Animus Distillery – Ambrosian Gin

DistilleryAnimus Distillery
FlavourCitrus, Juniper

Tasting notes:

Distilled in Kyneton, Victoria, Animus Ambrosian gin is a bold reinterpretation of gin rich with both Australian and South East Asian influences.

Utilising the bold flavours of mandarin, kaffir lime and white sesame, along with fresh tumeric, galangal and ginger this gin is full of fresh vibrant flavours that will you will love to the very last sip.

Available in 50ml & 700ml bottles.



Serving suggestion:

Ginger Mule Cocktail


60ml Ambrosian Gin

60ml Ginger Beer

60ml Apple Juice


Fill a glass with ice and add the gin and apple juice.

Top with ginger beer and garnish with sliced apple.

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