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$56.95 (6 Craft Aussie Gins)

This flight is composed of 6 x 50ml bold, stronggins, all at or above 50% ABV.



Big name imported gins can scrape into the minimum 37% ABV (alcohol by volume) to sell at low prices, however most craft gins are~43% ABV. In this flight all the gins are above 50%.Higher ABV hold and carry more aromatic compounds which, when mixed, are released.  Try these gins neat, maybe with a touch of ice. They also tend to be great in cocktails, especially a martini.  They cost more because the Government gouges $50 per litre of alcohol, but are well worth it.

  • Kilderkin Distillery – a Scoundrel Gin.
  • Animus Distillery – Ambrosian Gin.
  • The West Winds – The Broadside.
  • Loch Brewery & Distillery – The Weaver Australian Gin.
  • Adams Distillery – Turbo Gin.
  • The West Winds – The Cutlass.

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Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 24 x 9.5 x 4 cm


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