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Single Cube – Ginger, Large


Zingiber officinale, Dehydrated Ginger Root


Dehydrated ginger rhizome or root. Is said to help your appetite and to have astringent and tonic properties.

Contribution: a spicy and slightly bitter flavour. A sweet aroma with a touch of aged wood but at the same time with a fresh feeling.

Combines with: don’t be afraid to play with either gin, rum, brandy or vodka.

How to use: put a few slices in your favourite spirit and leave them to soak for a while. This will add a unique and spicy ginger flavour to it. After the infusion you can put a little piece of ginger in your glass and it will continue to add an aromatic hint that never becomes too invasive.

Contains: 41g of ginger

Spanish Mixologist Pepe Orts: Ginger Demonstration

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions6 x 6 x 6 cm


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