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Single Cube – Mallow Blossom, Large


Malva sylvestris L. Dehydrated pink-violet flowers.


Dehydrated pink-violet flowers from this perennial plant.

Contributions: A soft floral scent together with a totally natural and stunning violet colour.

Combines with: Any gin brand, neutral vodka and vermouth.

How to use: Put a nibble of mallow flowers in a separate glass and add the desired amount of gin or spirit. Let the mix settle for a while. After about three minutes you will see an amazing violet colour that will dye your drink and make it unmistakable. Filter the infusion and serve it as usual. Put a flower in the glass as a final decorative touch.

Contains: 5g of mallow blossom

 Spanish Mixologist Pepe Orts: Mallow Blossom Demonstration

Additional information

Weight0.150 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 cm


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