About Gintonica’s Gin Podcast

Gin Lovers Rejoice!

Gintonica’s Gin Podcast will give you an insight into the world of Australian Gin.

Who are the guest speakers?

We choose people who we admire, people we’d enjoy spending time with, and people who we want to learn from. We think it’s crucial to invite people from every area of the industry to share their gin journey so we can learn the scope and skills required to keep the industry growing. Our guests include distillers, bartenders, mixologists and brand ambassadors who ‘live gin’.

So who are the voices behind Gintonica’s Gin Podcast?

David Box is the man behind Gintonica and has dedicated himself to becoming the gin envoy of the Australian distilling movement. His love of gin started with his sundowner ritual of a G&T, and he soon found himself seeking out micro and regional distilleries to learn about their hand-crafted production and centuries old traditions. He has since written the first difinitive guide on Australian gin and his business works intricately with all Australian distillers and those involed in the industry. This inspired him to share his world through a gin podcast.

Co-Hosting the program along with David Box is the man with the velvety voice behind some of Australia’s favourite game shows, commercials and radio programs, John Deeks, otherwsie known as Deeksie. Respected throughout the Media industry, John has been a popular and in-demand fixture of the Melbourne TV, Radio, Advertising and Corporate worlds for almost 40 years.


The Gintonica story is simple – We are lovers of gin.


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So what to expect next?

David and John endeavour to release a number of series including distilleries and gin bars from around Australia. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to find out when the next series is aired. 

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Where can you listen to the gin podcast?


The podcast is on all major podcast platforms

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