Martini Recipe


Stirred NOT shaken.

  • 60ml Gin Dry
  • Vermouth to taste
  • Garnish

Before anything else, our great friend is The Martini Whisperer (Phillip A. Jones). He has even done a TEDx talk on the topic. We bow to his knowledge.

A Martini varies enormously according to your personal preference. There are books written specifically for this King of Cocktails. Whether Vodka or Gin, it is important that the vermouth should be fresh and the garnish appetising. Make sure the glass is ice cold. Stir your gin with the amount of dry vermouth you prefer, taste as you go, making sure there is at least some left when you get the measure just right. Garnishes can be traditional like an olive, a twist of lemon, or a pickled onion (by which it becomes a Gibson), or avant-garde with sage, thyme or orange.

Gimlet Recipe


  • 60ml gin
  • 30ml cordial (any lemon or lime)


  • 60ml gin 15ml lime or lemon juice
  • 15ml simple spirit


  • 60ml Gin
  • 60ml Rose’s Lime Juice (for the purists)

Great example of the dozen variations rule. The ratios really do depend on your taste. Stir and pour into a glamorous coupe and garnish however you please. Try lime or lemon slice, a sprig of mint or even a sage leaf.